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Hiten ShahHunterPro@hnshah · Crazy Egg, Product Habits & FYI
At Crazy Egg we've been using the "done-for-you" service from LeadFuze and I'm excited that they've released a tool to help with prospecting. It just launched and I've shared it with a dozen people who already love it.
Justin McGillMaker@jus10mcgill · Founder of LeadFuze
@hnshah Appreciate you sharing Hiten!
Matt A. Smith@mattasmitty · Founder of Full Stack Sales
@jus10mcgill u are a rockstar dude! Can't wait to see the new & improved app. + your new Sales Academy ;) +1 for LeadFuze
Justin McGillMaker@jus10mcgill · Founder of LeadFuze
@mattasmitty Glad to be in the Full Stack Sales offerings! Lots of cool stuff in store I'm sure ;)
Michael Erickson@searchscimike · Head of PPC, SearchScientists.com
Anytime I have a question about outbound email strategy, I email LeadFuze. I've been using their service to connect with qualified prospects for some time, and I recommend. Looking forward to amplifying our marketing with their new tool.
Justin McGillMaker@jus10mcgill · Founder of LeadFuze
Happy to answer questions and would love any feedback on how we can make it better!
James Carbary@jamescarbary · Founder, Sweet Fish Media
I've been using the "done for you" service from LeadFuze for several months, and the results have been amazing. Been looking forward to this tool for a while now, and after playing with it this morning...I'm super impressed. It will be a game changer as I expand my outbound sales efforts for our agency.
Justin McGillMaker@jus10mcgill · Founder of LeadFuze
@jamescarbary Thanks for chiming in about your experience!
Brian Curliss@briancurliss · Founder of MailLift.com
Pretty excited to try this out for MailLift (http://maillift.com)! How does it compare to Salesloft?
Justin McGillMaker@jus10mcgill · Founder of LeadFuze
@briancurliss Thanks Brian. Look forward to hearing about your experience. It functions somewhat similarly to their Prospector tool - so if you are familiar with that you will understand how it works. Aside from being more affordable, we are planning quite a few things with the end in mind being an all-in-one platform for lead generation :)