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At Crazy Egg we've been using the "done-for-you" service from LeadFuze and I'm excited that they've released a tool to help with prospecting. It just launched and I've shared it with a dozen people who already love it.
@hnshah Appreciate you sharing Hiten!
@jus10mcgill u are a rockstar dude! Can't wait to see the new & improved app. + your new Sales Academy ;) +1 for LeadFuze
@mattasmitty Glad to be in the Full Stack Sales offerings! Lots of cool stuff in store I'm sure ;)
Anytime I have a question about outbound email strategy, I email LeadFuze. I've been using their service to connect with qualified prospects for some time, and I recommend. Looking forward to amplifying our marketing with their new tool.
Happy to answer questions and would love any feedback on how we can make it better!
I've been using the "done for you" service from LeadFuze for several months, and the results have been amazing. Been looking forward to this tool for a while now, and after playing with it this morning...I'm super impressed. It will be a game changer as I expand my outbound sales efforts for our agency.
@jamescarbary Thanks for chiming in about your experience!
Pretty excited to try this out for MailLift (http://maillift.com)! How does it compare to Salesloft?
@briancurliss Thanks Brian. Look forward to hearing about your experience. It functions somewhat similarly to their Prospector tool - so if you are familiar with that you will understand how it works. Aside from being more affordable, we are planning quite a few things with the end in mind being an all-in-one platform for lead generation :)