With the new Leadfeeder Contacts feature, you can find contact information for companies visiting your website. You get the details you need to make a warm sales connection, and it's all integrated into your Leadfeeder dashboard.

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Hi all, I'm the founder and CEO of Leadfeeder. At Leadfeeder we have been working hard to help sales & marketing professionals leverage website analytics to fuel sales growth. That started with Leadfeeder 3 years ago and we continue today with the launch of Leadfeeder Contacts. The idea of Leadfeeder has always been to make b2b sales more intelligent. Leadfeeder connects with Google Analytics and provides salespeople information about companies that visit their website. Leadfeeder Contacts provides customers with contact information, including email address and social media profiles, for the key decision makers of these visiting companies. This closes the loop for many of our customers and gives them the information they need to make a warm sales connection in social media or by email. We are excited about the future and ask you to join us in fueling sales growth with website analytics! Thanks @benln for hunting us!
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@benln @pekkakoskinen it's a great idea. Not sure I feel so good about being on the OTHER side of it, cause I always try to anon. view pricing tables and SaaS sites before deciding to engage. But this is a superb business opportunity for b2b.
@benln @pekkakoskinen I like the idea but the devil is in the details. Do you have any insights on what percent of traffic on average you can get info for? Also, how do you avoid just showing people by their ISPs like Comcast, FIOS, etc? Less businesses are managing their own IP address pools nowadays... Lastly, how would you say you compare with something like https://clearbit.com/reveal which seems to be in the same space though pricier. Thank you!
@paultomkinson Thanks for the feedback. It's good to remember and Leadfeeder does not identify people individually, we identify the company that visits the website and then provide contact details for the key decision makers in that company. So we cannot identify that you visited the pricing page, but someone from your company. It's a company level indication for sales people.
@alec1a Thanks for the good questions. In a typical B2B website we can identify the company of 30-50% of the visitors depending on which geographical area the visitors are from (Europe and US more, other regions less). We have gathered a database of ISPs (home broadband networks, mobile networks) and we are filtering those out so the lead list is cleaner. Clearbit Reveal is not our competitor, they only provide data about IPs to Google Analytics interface. Leadfeeder is a tool that gathers and matches data from GA, CRM, email tool and company databases, scores the leads, notifies salespeople about best leads and gives them an user interface to act on the leads while syncing everything back to their CRM. This is very different compared to Reveal.
@pekkakoskinen - am I correct in reading that you provide the email addresses of the specific individual that was visiting the website and not just the organization? Or just e-mail addresses of decision makers at those organizations?
I was amazed how quick and easy it was to set up as I signed up for the free trial. I can't wait to see all the leads it is showing me from yesterday. The how to videos are done very simple and are easy to follow!
@lisapatb Amazing feedback Lisa! Much appreciated. :)
Great product, great team - Thanks for sharing!
@itaielizur Thanks for the kind words Itai!
I've been using Leadfeeder for a few months now and I love how you can create a custom feed. For instance, one of the custom feeds I created and use all the time is called "1 Minute or Longer" as I want to segment the leads that have been on my site longer than 1 minute. Overall it is an awesome product and they have great customer services.
@shane_barker Hi Shane, thank you for the great feedback. Being able to create custom feeds really helps to generate great sales leads, I'm glad you've been seeing the benefits of using this.
@shane_barker Thanks a lot Shane! Custom feeds are a really quick way of segmenting your leads. I personally follow a lot of our marketing channels and what kind of companies are visiting our website from different content or marketing campaigns.
Getting the right leads to the sales team will save businesses time and money. Excellent product, and with a free trial on offer no reason not to check it out.
@joy_healey Hi Joy, Completely agree with your comment :) Creating quality leads for your sales team should be a top priority for any business. We'll do our best to help you with that.