The Intelligent Sales Assistant That Works For You 24/7. LeadBot is an intelligent sales assistant that sits on your website and helps you qualify leads in real-time. LeadBot uses conversations, not forms, so all of the lead qualification you need to do can happen in real-time while someone is live on your website.

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If you're a SaaS business, it's likely that you've got a lead form. LeadBot by Drift is a new and super slick way to collect leads WITHOUT using a lead form. Check it out, it'll help you get more leads and close sales faster!
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@hnshah Yes, bots are everywhere. We are working on Faqbot and just got hunted on ProductHunt today :)
Time to throw out those lead forms. We hate them. Your customers hate them. And there’s finally a better way. We’re focused on reinventing marketing and sales using messaging and making it *easy* for your customers to buy from you. Excited to get LeadBot out to everyone.
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If I'm counting correctly, this is the third bot you've created and Matt's beard has its own growth team. Congrats! Can conversations flow between LeadBot, MeetingBot, and DriftBot during one customer conversation? What might that look like?
@kunalslab HA! Yes. @mattbilotti's beard needs it's own YouTube channel. Yes -- all of those conversations simply live in Drift.
I'm excited about this. LeadBot's clearly 10x better than the alternative (eugh, forms). And it's an awesome step towards totally personal support at scale, which is a tough one to get right! Amazing job team 👏
@jakeapeters thanks Jake!
I've been a user of LeadBot for a couple of months, can't wait to see what everyone else does with it now that Drift has released it. I've learned so much about my users through watching them interact with the LeadBot. And I smile every single time i see someone thank it after the conversation is over :)
@tom_wentworth love that Marlabot! Thanks Tom.