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Automatically tweet any RSS feed

Auto publish rss feeds to Twitter and search people by bio! Lead By Keyword is a web application that helps you to grow your business on Twitter with automated workflows.

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@kehers 's roserobin.app provides tweet feeds for you, for ex. https://roserobin.app/tweets/107... Easily combine with lead by keyword to send auto tweets from a Twitter's feed.

Sending tweets from whole rss feed! If you add a Rss Feed from google news ex url. https://news.google.com/rss/sear... there are 100 URL in this feed and Lead By Keyword is going to tweet all of these links every 20 minutes. If you set it like this, your twitter account is going to tweet for next 2.000 minutes non-stop.


Simple, Free and boost +5 organic followers per day. Search by bio section also easy to find people according to your business needs.


Only send tweets every 20 minutes, there is no customization to schedule auto posting.

That was what I'M looking for! thanx to maker!
Hello folks, If you customize your own RSS Feed it can boost your engagement rate at least for the beginning. Especially, startups do not have time to take care of social media engagement while bootstrapping a business. So you can easily stay alive your twitter account with related feeds for free.
@nicetr kind of https://dlvrit.com/ but looks completely Free! 😉
@briscradley @caedmon_m 's https://www.producthunt.com/post... also a good rss feed resource for Lead by keyword ^^