Le French generator

Generate random text in French 🇫🇷


Le French generator is a funny random French text generator that never creates the same sentence twice.

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brian ball
Vincent Denise
Marie Denis
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    Sentences make no sense in french. Mostly clichés and

    inappropriate words.

    I don't any reason for this website to exist. It can only offend French people like me which usually are quite good at making fun of themselves. At least if you want to make fun of people, do it right...

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  • Marie Denis
    Marie Denis👩🏻‍💻 womenmake.com • 📖 threader.app

    This is poetry.



    Whenever I want to look clever I go on http://rameerez.com/frenchgenerator/

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  • brian ball
    brian ballDirector of Labs

    Great way to see if you understand French.


    Vocabulary could be increased.

    Very likely this site will be used to generate American High School French exams in the near future.

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  • Vincent Denise
    Vincent Denise📖 @threader_app

    The generated text is never the same



    You should provide APIs for testing ideas with this technology.

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  • Pros: 

    It makes you look French, I guess, for non French speakers. At least the words are spelled correctly


    It shows you do not understand the French language at all. The sentences mean nothing and do not make sense. Just words in random order.

    Quite useless. You give the impression you want to be French, but give away that you do not speak it at all. It looks like Franponais. Google that.

    Sven Lefers has used this product for one day.