Le French generator

Generate random text in French 🇫🇷

Le French generator is a funny random French text generator that never creates the same sentence twice.

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Pros: The idea is fun Cons: Sentences don't make any sense (native french speaker here)
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Whenever I want to look clever I go on http://rameerez.com/frenchgenera...


This is poetry.



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This is stupid I like it 👍
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Camembert après épicé boulangerie comme baguette et paf le chien jour manger nouveau et paf le chien du coup part épicé.
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@toddsoulas haha it's perfect! Thanks for sharing this Todd, first time I watch Flight of the Conchords, they are great! Check this out @rameerez 😄
@toddsoulas @yesnoornext HAHAHA so funny. We were not inspired by this clip, unfortunately 🤣 But I'd be exactly like that guy in the vid: – Parlez-vous le Français? – Eeeehhh... – Parlez-vous le Français?! – Uuuhm... ... – Non Except now I can use Le French Generator to get away with it 😆
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