A Spotify playlist mixing Facebook Messenger bot

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GRANT☁️Maker@grantmac_ ·
Hey Everyone! A couple of months ago (before F8) I made Lazyset, a twitter bot which curated a great Spotify playlist from a single artist or band. This is the new and improved Facebook Messenger bot port! It can take up to 5 different artists or bands, curate a playlist based upon them, then save it to your own Spotify account. All though this years hottest text based interface 😉. Let me know what you think!
Calum Webb
Calum Webb@calum_webb
@grantmac_ Love it. Just made an awesome Playlist with Justin Timberlake, Edwin Starr, David Bowie, Journey and OneRepublic... This will be interesting! Thank you Grant, I love it! What's the favourite playlist you've made with Lazyset?
Johannes Klingebiel
Johannes Klingebiel@klingebeil · Innovation @ Süddeutsche Zeitung
@grantmac_ Ha! Saw that one. I hoped you'd jump on a messenger plattform. 🎉
GRANT☁️Maker@grantmac_ ·
@klingebeil So hot right now.
Alan Nichol
Alan NicholHiring@alanmnichol · Co-founder at @Rasa_HQ
@grantmac_ totally need to integrate directly w amazon echo ! If you don't build it soon I might have to hack something together myself :)
Fabrizio Rinaldi
Fabrizio Rinaldi@linuz90 · filmmaker
This is fantastic, it actually makes great playlists. Kudos!
Dennis Yang
Dennis YangHiring@sinned · Co-Founder,
Nice! I'd love for it to be even lazier.. ie, just look at my last few artists. :-)
Joshua Dance
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
@sinned +1 to this.
Adam Churcher
Adam Churcher@cameradam_ · Co-founder, Made by Magnitude and Fetch
Love this! Perfect for when we can't choose what to put on in the office. Have you thought about making a Slack bot to coincide with Messenger?
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec@mrcalexandre · CS @ IUT Lannion | Side-projects Lover
The bot works really well. Just created a playlist I am currently listening too. I like it !
GRANT☁️Maker@grantmac_ ·
@mrcalexandre Brilliant! Thanks!