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This is still in Alpha stage but I like these collab-style sites (favourite so far is &chill - love the experience of that) Initially I thought this was watching full movies but then realised it's just trailers - Obviously streaming movies is a different issue! Still pretty cool though
@bentossell I'm missing something. Can I watch these trailers with friends? Looks like just a site for trailers.
@rrhoover maybe I'm missing something...I thought the trailers played on channels and if you are on the channel you see same trailer as others....maybe I'm wrong
@rrhoover @bentossell Hey Ryan. Thanks for checking this out. No this site was designed purely to help you make a decision. The question I kept asking myself while building this was What movie do I want to watch right now? Initially I built this around Netflix and then expanded to other movies. The UX concept draws a lot from Pandora.
@bentossell @rrhoover A channel's selection of trailers is created based on the keyword. A keyword can be anything i.e. #horror or #film-noir or #Neil Patrick Harris.
Thanks for the Hunt @arunpattnaik. This is the original Reddit thread from 10 months ago: and HN thread: from yesterday. The app is a bit buggy because I haven't touched it much since I released it last year to the r/movies reddit community due to lack of resources (mostly financial/time) I've had to put app dev on hold. Signup isn't working fully yet and you may notice some broken trailers/links, movie dataset is not up to date. It's goes to 2014. I built this [Django] app over the course of two years, and the concept is somewhat inspired by the Pandora app, but applied to movies, not music. The only question I kept asking myself when building it was "What movie do I want to watch?" although I noticed I was happy with just sitting in front of it watching trailers for an hour or two when I wanted a distraction from my day to day. I built this originally in Swift as a mac app to help me find something to watch on Netflix because I was disappointed with how Netflix solved this problem. Netflix then famously shutdown its API access. I gave up on Netflix and expanded LazyDay to include all (mostly Hollywood produced) movies, as data on this dataset is widely available online. I have been posting to different channels about LazyDay recently to try and find help - dev resources and/or financial - to continue developing it out. I was considering something like kickstarter. I initially built this app for myself because I was frustrated with all the currently available ways to find a movie to watch. Most apps present you with a grid with 100s of selections to choose from and put the cover art front and center. I wanted to focus on one movie selection at a time and make the movie trailer front and center. It's more of a key decider on whether or not I want to watch a particular movie. I hope to continue developing it out.
Lazyday lets you find movies based on keywords or themes.
@arunpattnaik Thanks for the hunt! It does indeed. I made this site initially to help me find movies to watch on Netflix, but then expanded on the concept.
An awesome way to find the movie you want to watch without having to do much at all
@samcambridge Thanks for checking it out :) That was the idea, find a movie to watch lazily...