Layoff List

The inside scoop on company layoffs

Layoff List is a free, weekly briefing where we compile insider tips and various news stories about companies that may be experiencing a layoff. By spreading the word, we can help match candidates to their next adventure.
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At Drafted we are constantly engaged with the talent community, and we have always been eager to help people in our networks when things go sideways. The Layoff List started as something just for our neighborhood of startup world in Boston, but is quickly growing into something that is used by talent folks across cities, and we're excited to see where it goes!
@pseudovirtual this is really valuable for talented people and employers. Subscribed! ๐Ÿ™Œ
@kunalslab We'd love to hear about what kind of stuff people want to see added - btw anyone can send tips, even if you're not a subscriber :)
@pseudovirtual I just got my first newsletter (Vol. 40). Would be helpful to know what types of talent and what the date was of the latest announcement or tip. Will give other feedback as I think of it!
@pseudovirtual @kunalslab Thanks for the feedback Kunal! We'll absolutely start to incorporate as much info into the list as we can.
The new FsckedCompany, except as an email newsletter.