A simple Wordpress site builder & its free forever

LayersWP is a Drag & Drop editor developed by the team at Obox Themes, since launch the builder has been acquired by the World's best-ever page builder, Elementor :)
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I love how native this feels & looks to WordPress. Surely a game-changer in terms of doubling down on what WordPress does well already, whilst adding some innovative, new ideas to the mix.
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@adii Thanks Adii, high praise coming from one of the founders of the industry!
@obox can't wait to use this.
Just tried it, and liked it :)
@zsedbal Glad you enjoy it Balazs!
Just gave it a spin & fell in love. This is going to be extremely useful. Question for you. I'd be happy to throw the usual $ for a license. Why free? Bigger plans beyond what we see here? Regardless, best of luck with it! Great work.
@xmcgraw I previously lead the WooThemes team when we were rolling out WooCommerce and we built our revenue models based on add-ons to the core product which was free. I'm assuming the Obox / Layers guys will be doing exactly that.
If it's always free, how is this a sustainable business?
@drewmeyers Paid add-ons. ;)
@drewmeyers we plan on selling premium themes and extensions over and above the free download.
@drewmeyers Seems like a service people would straight up pay for to me. I like simple - find a customer that needs your solution and see if they will pay. ....but I'm also a shameless capitalist. Regardless, this seems like a great product
@braden_kemp Agreed, I would tend to think they should ask users for a monthly or yearly payment rather than make it freemium. The complexity of WP is real. I just shared it on my real estate tech blog:
@drewmeyers @braden_kemp We believe that the days of paying for a theme are soon to be over. The business model is not sustainable so we want to try something different. I wish I could say more about what's to come but I can assure you that it's secured the future of Layers and justifies it being free.