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First a nice shoutout to @derekminter - appreciate the post. I'm Pieter, one of the founders of Lawnmower. Lawnmower is the investing, news, and market data hub for blockchain assets like Bitcoin and Ether. It's easily the cleanest, smoothest, most featureful bitcoin/blockchain app on iOS & Android - think Robinhood for cryptocurrency. No sign-up reqiured - you can get started following real time price quotes & reading news on top blockchain assets instantly. We'll be on PH all day answering questions so fire away.
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@pgorsira @derekminter Congrats on the launch @pgorsica, @alexsunnarbog and @parchambeau! Long time in the works. Amazing to see it out in the wild. Beautiful app and design also!
@pgorsira AFAIK robinhood doesn't work in Canada, does Lawnmower?
@tombielecki You can download the app in Canada and use it to check asset prices, news, and resources. As far as actually investing, we're partnered with Coinbase, so you'll be able to buy with your credit card: Hope this answers your question!
@pgorsira @tombielecki so we need a Coinbase wallet to be able to trade? Do you plan to open your app to other wallet? Cause I'm currently using GreenAddress and I don't understand why I can't use this wallet to trade with your app.
New Release from blog- Introducing — Lawnmower: Bitcoin & Blockchain Investing, News & Market Data This morning, we’re proud to announce the launch of the new website and iOS & Android apps to the public. Our new apps are available worldwide & we’ve completely eliminated our old sign-up process — you can check it out with no account required! This update marks our first public steps towards expanding from an investment app for bitcoin & into a broader platform for the entire Blockchain Asset Class — now featuring a vast amount of information, data, news, & research on the space in addition to investment tools.
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Obviously I'm very biased b/c these guys were in our accelerator but I have seen the way this product delights and lowers the barrier for newbies to invest in cryptographic currencies. Pieter, Alex & Patrick build gorgeous mobile applications and care about their community. Furthermore, I've personally never seen anything out there, mobile-first or otherwise, that's so accessible to sophisticated retail investors on blockchain assets. The reports are very consumable and look like the institutional type research reports I read for 13 years in my Wall St. life. Give it a shot!
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@jessepod Thanks Jesse! We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this product and I like to think that it shows. We're very passionate about this space and willing to create whatever it takes to bring things to a more mainstream level.
@jessepod Newbies should NOT be "investing" in cryptocurrencies. The barriers should be high because it is almost always a money-losing proposition. Every cryptocurrency except bitcoin is a pump-and-dump scam, and bitcoin itself is so volatile and risky that most people should steer clear of it.
@jasoncats1 @jessepod Will have to respectfully disagree that every cryptocurrency except bitcoin is a pump and dump scam. This space is growing extremely quickly and is positioned to disrupt many industries in ways and via use cases that have not even been fully explored yet. So, to completely label the entire space as a scam outright is a bit misleading I feel. As far as the volatility goes, we have investment tools for both recurring purchases (to dollar cost average) or buy/sell manually depending on your own strategy. Many of our users have fixed purchases scheduled every week or month to buy bitcoin regardless of the price to distance themselves a bit from the emotions of watching the market day to day (similarly to how many invest into their 401ks & IRAs every paycheck) & frequently many of our users use our app just as a high risk/return, overall portfolio diversification tool in addition to their investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. We have resources, data, charts, & more for many assets on our platform as a means to help inform users about what these new technologies are & give them additional material and links to help aid their research. Users can easily track historical prices (& volatility) and compare them to other assets in the app. Also, just as a data point, only bitcoin is available to actually trade / invest in, and the other assets are in our app for informative & research purposes. We are just working on developing a product that brings down the barriers to entry surrounding this nascent space. Hope that helps!
Hey all - one of the founders here. Wanted to talk a little about some of the free research & the new "Lawnmower Blockchain Index" we have available on our website & apps. Our index is comprised of "Blockchain Assets" (like Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, & more) and automatically evolves in terms of composition as the industry & asset class grows. As crypto markets trade 24/7 - so does the price of our new index. To check it out, it's featured right on our app dashboards & on our website - To read some of our free new material on Bitcoin & the space - check out these links: - Blog - - Fundamental Asset Overview (Bitcoin) - - Fundamental Overview (Lawnmower Blockchain Index) - Would love to hear what you think.
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I have followed closely the team behind Lawnmower for the last couple months. They are most hardcore blockchain fans and pioneers and will do everything to make this asset class more accessible to the world. Now I finally can download the app from my international app store!