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LawMaker is a platform to take all of us beyond petitions by allowing every voter to take the floor and build coalitions for policies that improve lives. We believe passionately in this country’s promise, and our goal is to support that potential by creating technology that increases accessibility, transparency, and accountability within our government at all its levels.

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This looks like an interesting product. Has it been used to push any real policy changes yet so far?
Thanks, @craigcorbett87! Yes, a policy entirely authored and amended on LawMaker is being considered by the Los Angeles City Council as we speak. LA City Council President Herb Wesson and Councilman David Ryu introduced a motion based on a policy that was created by their constituents on LawMaker. Check out the motion here: This policy idea was simple but impactful — in order for LA residents to have a voice in their government, a subset of city hearings should be scheduled after conventional 9-to-5 working hours, so more residents can attend hearings and share their input on new policies that will impact their lives. The LawMaker team was extremely proud to have created a platform for this idea to build political support and influence real policy!
@amitthakkarlm Awesome! Great to see that this is pushing real change!
LawMaker looks promising. A real chance to create policies me and many others care about.
Thanks, @lindzlou031! We really believe it's time Americans have a way to influence politics between elections and see political change that really reflects their interests!
Hi everyone — Amit Thakkar here, founder of I’m really excited to share LawMaker with the Product Hunt community. LawMaker is a free web platform that empowers all of us to become our own lobbyist for the policy issues that matter to us the most. Have an idea about how your city can be more transparent with how it spends its money, how your state should regulate autonomous vehicles, or how the federal government can ensure the integrity of elections? LawMaker is the place to develop your ideas and build the political support to influence your elected officials. Lobbyists and those with enough money to hire them have way too much influence over our governments. We knew there was a way to build political movements and muscle among voters for free, to rival the powers of special interests in American politics — so we built it! LawMaker is the first platform that allows Americans to propose ideas for laws they believe can improve their city, county, state, or nation. Share your idea and crowdsource it with other like-minded people to improve your policy and build a strong coalition of support. And when your policy is fleshed out and has earned significant support, publicly share it with your elected officials to start a conversation about the change you want to see. By empowering people to propose their own policies and build their own platforms, we’re refocusing American politics on the voter instead of on wealthy interest groups and parties that don’t always seem to be looking out for our needs. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about LawMaker. Check us out, propose an idea of your own, share it with others, and let me know what you think!
It's time we stopped being so angry and started taking action, which is why I love LawMaker. Instead of complaining about laws and policies, I can create them and connect with the politician who can bring it to life. I'm here for it!
Thanks @yolanda_williams! That's EXACTLY why we created LawMaker. We built it for people like you who want to take control of your political power instead of just giving your votes away to people who don't represent your interests!