An open source Evernote alternative

#5 Product of the DayAugust 21, 2017
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Oh no, they copied the worst Evernote feature. Total white everywhere and no option for dark color. That said will give it a try, tired of Google Keep reading all my notes...
Sorry to say, It's nowhere close to Evernote. Typography fails miserably!
@sheikmohaideena But is there Arial? :D (expecting the worst)
@sheikmohaideena Having it open sourced meaning that i should be able to tweak the typography, doesn't it?
@ktkaushik not all users are developers 😊.
@sheikmohaideena Haha, true that. Whenever someone says open source version of , i tend to swing that way.
I used Laverna, and liked it reasonably well (Markdown support++!), but it has the same problem that all of the Electron-based apps have: no support for multiple windows open at once. Sometimes, I need to compare notes or refer to past notes in current notes. That's one reason I'm sticking with Evernote.
close, but for a few bucks each month, i'll stick with the well-supported evernote premium until this evolves a bit further...
I was excited about Laverna months ago but after I noticed it was more or less abandoned - I see no reason to get excited. The latest commits have been slow at best.