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99 designs for Interior Design

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I love this concept! There are a few others doing this already: instant/space, Home Polish, Copy Cat Chic, Tastemaker, Looknook, Decortiva, etc.
This is for single guys like me. Upvoted.
At first, I was amazed at how cheap the rooms cost, then I realized that was just the plan cost. Pretty interesting concept, since I wouldn't know where to start to get an interior designer. I think many people are not educated about what they are getting for this creative service (just like 99Designs), it would be awesome if more of the intro was dedicated to communicating value of the service. I think it would be cool to show a sample of the plan design juxtaposed to the glamour shot. Otherwise, its a bit confusing what you are getting. The page does explain lower on the page but would most customers read that far? Probably not.