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Feature flags are so so valuable. We use this for internal and private beta releases (we did with our recent launch of Podcasts) and plan to do this when we launch our new frontpage to start getting feedback from the community.
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@rrhoover Thanks Ryan!
@edith_h @rrhoover glad it's working well for you!
Hi, I’m Edith, co-founder of LaunchDarkly! At every company I worked at, I had the same frustrations about running early beta programs and enabling/disabling users for features. We'd end up hacking together some poorly maintained release framework. I was jealous of the big companies like Facebook that could afford to have dozens of engineers to get features to the right users at the right time. LaunchDarkly allows you to cleanly separate code deployment from rollout. We make it super easy to enable functionality for whoever you want, whenever you want. Would love to hear from anyone who’s felt the same pain!
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This looks great, would love to try it out in the future
@namshee Angus if you sign up today we're offering 50% off to Product Hunters!
The biggest thing I missed about going from my last job -> startup was solid infrastructure for doing staged releases and betas. Also, much respect to you guys for having a Twisted SDK!
@contextjunkie Thanks Joe! A customer actually helped build our Twisted SDK - all our SDKs are opensource.
Congrats on the launch, I am really excited to never have to build another internal feature flagging service myself. So powerful!