Launch Center Pro 2.5

Shortcuts to over 100k apps & actions in Notification Center

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After first being rejected for launching apps and actions from Notification Center in 2011, this has been a long time coming! I'm quite excited about this release and now that Apple has given us the green light, there's a lot more we have planned for the widget (including the ability to resize the icons and hide the names). We're also already hard at work trying to figure out what we can do with 3D Touch Quick Actions. Sure hope Apple doesn't reject that one and make us wait another 4 years! Let me know if you have any questions about the app…
@drbarnard great updated David. Welcome to the top of my Today View :)
@drbarnard After Launcher came out and was approved (after getting rejected the first time), why did it take so long for LCP to add the today widget? LCP is one of my favorite apps, but it seems like the updates are few and far between.
@thomasmeagher the full answer is much longer than would work as a reply to your comment, so I blogged about it:
now i can drop launcher :)
Great update. Today widget, finally! Great work, David.
Just bought it and set it up. It's so great. Better than Launcher, which I'd been using since before it got banned. Question: Can you only do 2 rows max in the Today Widget? Would be so helpful to do 3 or more.
@realpb Larger devices get more actions. But we're already working on the ability to resize the icons to fit even more.
This is not only one of the most useful apps I have on my iPhone, but it's a DOCK App for me. It literally has one of three coveted positions on my phone's layout. I've been using LCP for a few years and its integration (especially with IFTTT) makes it incredibly extensible. Can't wait to try out this new update because more is always better when it comes to LCP. Great job!
@aaroncrocco I'd love to hear how you use it. I've downloaded it many times but never made it a habit. p.s. I do love the Notification screen though. I have been using Launcher for that but I'll give this one another shot now.
@aaroncrocco I use a lot as well, and that's *without* the notification center widget. I think the widget is another magnitude of usefullness!
@ccarella I have some custom scripts I've created such as one to "shoot" with the camera app of my choosing and then it prompts me to edit and share. Another is a music selector action that's geofenced & tied to my SmartThings setup. When I depart, I'm asked to choose what music app i want to use. And because I wrote the action myself, I can easily edit it (like when Apple Music came out).