Easiest way to find apps launching at SXSW

Hey all, Our team here in Austin, TX has been wanting to figure out a way to participate in this year's SXSW event. We realize how noisy the event has gotten and wanted to give iOS and Android startups some real estate and eyeballs. That's why we created LAUN.CH The goal of the site is two fold: 1. Give startups with apps a place to get noticed 2. Give attendees a place to find great apps This site is FREE for all product entrants and the sign up is easy. I'll be on all day, so feel free to ask any questions. PS. I promised @rrhoover comps. So, I should have those posted shortly. Looking forward to the conversation. Ian VanHover
As you probably guessed, I love the idea of creating a digital backchannel to vote on SXSW products/startups. Are you seeding the content with startups yourself or requesting each startup add themselves, @bugaboosal?
@rrhoover Great question. Each startup should add themselves. We are allowing products/startups to add themselves for the entirety of SXSW. But getting as many as possible before Friday would help drive more traffic and provide more content for the site. Thanks for asking.
@rrhoover I was able to get those comps posted from my Dropbox. The best I could do for now, but should give everyone a good sense for the what the site will look like when it goes live on march 7. Thanks again.
Neat! Feel free to share a link to those comps, @bugaboosal. How are you planning to market at SXSW?