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Kevin GuebertΒ β€” Aspiring developer & entrepreneur
Simple and beautifully crafted! Great site for inspiration as well as new apps, bravo @electerious πŸ‘πŸ‘
carlos garciaΒ β€” Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
"Curated" and iPhone only = Hipster Hehehe
Alex AbianΒ β€” Intl. SysAdmin / Photographer
@androidlove If I was the creator I would be disappointed that someone dismisses my creation with such a simple statement. Perhaps you can add some valid pros and cons so they can improve their work, perhaps even they have android in their pipeline πŸ‘Œ
carlos garciaΒ β€” Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
@alexabian Let's see 1- iOS only 2- uses Steve Jobs "curated".

How many of these sites can there be that use design as a curated passion? Hehehe

Besides this site has comments and voting. Laudableapps seems like a personal blog of iPhone only (not even iPad) apps.

Sorry don't want to be mean. But let's use Apple's philosophy in this shall we?

It is more about what you don't do than what you do, in order to do it really well (it goes something like that)
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