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These SaaS companies grew revenue fastest in 2018

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 21, 2019

3,000+ CEO's that run private B2B SaaS companies shared revenue on Nathan's podcast: The Top Entrepreneurs.

He then confirmed revenue details via email and plotted revenue growth over 2018 to rank the 300 fastest growing SaaS Companies over the last 12 months.

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Thanks for the hunt @hnshah We put this list together to bring more transparency to the private B2B SaaS space with the goal of congratulating companies that are driving growth. Not vanity growth though (users/etc), real ARR growth. We started by: 1. Inviting SaaS CEO's on my podcast 2. Asking CEO's what their Dec 2017 MRR was and then asking Dec 2018 MRR 3. After spending 1000+ hours interviewing thousands of CEO's, we then ranked them based off who grew ARR the fastest over the past 12 months for this report Braving the cold in NYC today hunkered down at a coffee shop to be in comments with you guys all day. Anything you guys think we should add in terms of sorting and filtering? Thanks! 😻
Just wanted to tell everyone thank you for the comments and feedback in the reviews yesterday here on PH. Today, going back into mockup/prod development mode!
Aren't you curious about which SaaS companies are growing the fastest? I know I am. @nathanlatka has got the answer for us.
@hnshah thanks for the love Hiten 😃

Love the magazine too!


Real data from the horses mouth


I don't really know anyone delivering SaaS data in this way, I can't say I can think of a way to improve it right now

Been following Nathan's data-centric content and there's always something to learn. Some questions the authenticity but this is as close as it can get for private company data.


Authenticity of the data and the candor in the manner it is collected.


Not that I know of

Thanks Arpit ❤️
I listen to Nathan's podcast all the time. Would have even paid for it, had it not been free. Highly recommended to anyone who's in SaaS.