LastPass 4.0

UI overhaul. Emergency access.

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I've been a LastPass user forever, but the UI has always bugged me so I'm stoked on this. The $12 a year for premium is totally worth it with the mobile app. I actually even recently tried to stop using it, because iCloud keychain has made some advances, but as someone who has an account with basically every website, it's so so so convenient. Just renewed my lastpass premium subscription the other day. So +1 for lastpass and this awesome update.
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@melissamonteee Thanks Melissa -- don't get stuck being a highly limited Apple only person!
@joesiegrist @melissamonteee I've been in the iOS app industry for a long time now so it's just so so hard not to be Apple only. I will say though that I've been trying to convince my husband of LastPass for 2 years but haven't been able to sell him until this update. He's a designer and wasn't feeling the old UI (understandably so). So thanks for this! Huge fan.
I've been a premium LastPass user for a long time and am a huge evangelist for LastPass, but I switched to Dashlane a few months back because it's much more polished. This redesign looks a lot like Dashlane and since it's so much cheaper, I may switch back soon.
I have been waiting for this since they acquired @Meldium last year. Good UI means more happy customers!
@pmlonglamoureux It's certainly nice having a whole department focused on it -- as you might have guessed before LastPass was acquired there wasn't many people working on UI/UX -- the perils of bootstrapping a company is making these choices.
@joesiegrist I'm excited to try the new design, but I don't see it yet. The app in Apple's app store looks the same, my plugin in Safari looks the same and my iPhone app looks the same. How do I get the new stuff? PS how can I get Joe or Robert on Mixergy to talk about LastPass? For years I insisted that everyone who works with me install it.
@andrewwarner Hi Andrew -- we submitted our iOS app to Apple in mid-December -- they've got quite the backlog, and yesterday rejected us because one of our currently approved screenshots had Amazon in the webview and now they reject on that. One of the features (big icons) should be available now if you log out and back in; it was in the previous release just not enabled until 4.0. We've intentionally gone slow upgrading -- if you go to want to go to in Safari that will upgrade you there.
@joesiegrist Wow dude. That looks so good. Thanks for the link.
@andrewwarner Thanks Andrew -- and happy to talk to you on Mixergy once things calm down; I've enjoyed your interviews in the past.
This overhaul is long overdue. That said, I would never use LastPass again. Somehow I got locked out of my local storage when I attempted to change my password, and now I can't access my data anymore — all the "emergency backup" options that were offered to me by LastPass failed! On the one hand, yes, I suppose this demonstrates how "secure" this system is. On the other, that means [the previous version] was completely not user-fault tolerant or forgiving. I've never had a problem with 1Password, and now that 1Password offers team support, I see no reason to consider switching.
@chrismessina Sorry to hear that Chris -- we do have a few options to help you in that situation, if this happened recently I bet you could recover your account now! If you remember the old password you can utilize if you don't and have access to a computer you logged into after the password change you can utilize to do account recovery.