Find routes in a circular loop for you to run or ride.

#5 Product of the DayOctober 10, 2014
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I like this idea from @aexmo - I hope he'll jump in the conversation (poke @rrhoover )
Hey eric, thanks! currently using the most basic Google maps limitations to avoid main roads etc for cycling, and using walking routing for running. Plan is to use external data (strava maybe?) to hook into and extend established routes
@aexmo Great idea! But here in the Netherlands I think it would only work for cycling routes when using data from Strava. We have too much roundabouts causing a lot of straight parts. :-)
@aexmo Thanks for the reply. I like that methodology. FYI - here's a post on Medium about the challenges of bike routes on maps that may be useful as you're thinking about other integrations:
@eric3000 man that's superb! thank you :)
Thanks for the support! If you have any suggestions or questions ask away!
@aexmo Can I prank my buddies with this? Sending them a route to a restaurant but really its just bringing them in circles without them realizing. That would be wonderful.
@sterlingtoth ha that's genius :)
Something I would have to do manually before is now automatic. Definitely solving a problem for me. This is awesome. Are you using any intelligence about what streets/trails are good for running and biking? Or are you just straight up making routes based on distance and starting location?
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