Learn Japanese with 1000 phrases and smart flashcards

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Any hopes for a Android version? UI looks great!
@connorgutman Happy that you like the looks! Actually the Android version exists: Enjoy learning Japanese!
@hommsen This is great! Thank you!
Hey guys, for anyone interesting in learning or improving their Japanese, we just released an iOS app to learn Japanese. It features 1000 phrases recorded by a real Japanese girl and smart flashcards (based on the spaced repetition technology). The app is available in 15 other languages, too. Check out for all the available languages. Would love to hear your feedback on it!
Awesome! UI looks clean and focused. Looking forward to diving in!
@dnerris great glad to hear it! Let me know if we can improve anything!
@hommsen Will do, I sense my anime reading skills will improve :)
@dnerris hehe i'm still struggling with Death Note.. maybe we'll try an anime category in the future
@hommsen yeah for sure sometime I look at it and am like "is that really Japanese? Or are they trolling my American ass" lol. A anime category could work in the future if the data supports it!