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Again--- one more killer product for the non dev person to use to get their MVP up and running Forget bots as the trend of the year---it's the rise of the non developer being able to build out without code.
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Incredible design by LSTORE GRAPHICS. Tons of handcrafted UI components created to increase your web creating speed, for Sketch and Photoshop. Available exclusively for free!
@mrahmadawais Thanks for posting :)
@ruslan_latypov Did you make it? Would love to recommend you as a maker here :)
Darn, that is some sleek stuff! 😍
@dannypostmaa Thank you very much, have just saw your awesome landingfolio and send a few pages that we have :)
Excellent find. Website could use a little help on mobile. The landing page layouts are really nicely designed.
This is quality stuff. I like the design. Thanks
@catapop84 Thanks a lot, I hope it will be useful also :)