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Bram Kanstein (@bramk) — Creator of @startupstash
Add your App Store link and get a ready-to-go website within 10 seconds or less. Required data is extracted from store, it will be always up to date. All templates are optimized for mobile devices, ensuring correct display on mobile phones and tablets.

Best of all, it's completely FREE of charge.

Nice service from @mpukacz and @michalsapka

Michel Op 't Landt — Co-founder at Bundle
Hi Mike, I'm quite interested in your strategy and target audience. You write that "You're not a web designer but still want great landing page for Your App". If you go through all the trouble of creating an app - which obviously needs some design as well - why not spend a little money on a decent landing page?
Ross@GoLocalApps — GoLocalApps
@micheloptlandt Couple of thoughts on this since I've been working on templated app landing pages for a while.

Sometimes the app isn't worth a lot of effort in marketing, or a client doesn't want to do anything extra. So even a generic landing page is a step up.

One good point to creating landing pages that pull from itunes is if they update as well when iTunes is updated. Trying to maintain landing pages for 60+ apps and having to go back and change icons, screenshots, descriptive text and more is a pain. So having a plug and play system is a goal.

I'm also not sure this is "a great landing page" as you point out (No offense @mpukacz, but the Kindle example is really pretty limited.)
Michal Pukacz — Co-Founder at
@micheloptlandt it’s just like Ross @golocalapps – some apps don’t need complex websites and have very tight budget for that. There are also developers/small software houses maintaining few dozen website. Now, just assume there will be day where half of them are free as a promotion :) We are working on features that will satisfy every part of the table (developers, designer and, most importantly, users )
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