Landed by Triposo

All the answers for your questions at airports you arrive

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Could work well as a bot!
@bentossell yeah but mostly you don't have wifi to connect to the bot (if it's for example a messenger bot)
@milann most airports have public free wifi now to be fair - and if they dont, they will shortly
Pretty useful project, by the great nerds at Triposo! @Ezelhaar @dosinga can you tell something more about your mission to make travel better?
What we really like about Landed is that it's an app that just does one thing really well. It doesn't make you think. You install once, have it on your device and only use it when you need it. You don't need to set it up, you don't need to put in travel plans, you don't need an account. You start the app when you arrive and you get what you need.
great idea, love it, would definitely use it
Love the idea. Much of our early goal with @ohheyworld was to create the "best way to arrive in a new city"... a lot of this was part of the plan. Another app to look at is @losahor's flightspeak app.