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#3 Product of the WeekFebruary 21, 2018

Form by Landbot is the result of thousand feedbacks which lead to the best form Builder in the market. And it comes with a bunch of updates like:

🔌 Official Zapier integration to plug in +1,000 apps.

🤔 Conditional Logic to hyper-personalize conversations.

👯 Native A/B Testing to increase performance.

👉 Go and create your own

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Hey, hunters, This is Jiaqi from 👋 So great to be back and share some updates with the community! After our last launch, we saw a clear fit of Landbot with the market. Many early users gave us invaluable feedback which allowed us to keep improving the product and offer a better experience. Now, after a lot of hard work, we are back with some exciting new features that will make Landbot better than ever. We keep our focus on the Conversational Interface approach - what some might call “dumb chatbot” - because we believe that the key to chatbot creation hasn’t that much to do with using NLP or ML but with designing smarter conversational experiences. What we did is thinking hard about the main advantages that conversational interfaces have over boring forms, and make them available to everyone. We are talking about things like progressive user profiling with real-time personalization, conditional logic, partial conversion rate tracking, integrations with 3rd party systems, etc. All to make sure the Landbot experience is more personalized and frictionless for your users. Do you like Landbot V2? We would love to hear your thought! 😺
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@jiaqip We will soon update and with your service - stay tuned :) 1st tomorrow's 6th edition ;-)
Congrats on the new version! I'm in love with Zapier integration, you can't imagine what kind of powerful conversational webs I'm thinking to launch. I still need to play with the A/B testing feature, but that is also a must for any marketer. I believe that this is the right approach to bots and not just typing. For my last experiments, Landbot has replaced Typeform and man, I'm in love with Typeform, so this has to mean something...
@cohnen Thanks for your support since our first launch! Your word is our motivation to keep improving the product and offer the best conversational experience in the market 🙂
Congrats on the re-launch !@jiaqip, @girienmorfindel, @cristobalvillarI, @pakonekone, and @fernandoguirao! 👏👏👏 I would've given you guys 1000 upvotes if I could! It's an epic product that deserves all the Kitty Awards in the galaxy. Meow! 😻 Very anxious to try new features, especially file upload cause right now I have to send people to Dropbox File Request page so that leads could upload their docs. Having file uploads in the same interface would solve that. Question though: where do those file uploads live? I also send myself a notification via Zapier when a lead finishes workflow. Would it be possible to grab an uploaded file's URL and share it via Zapier? How does it work exactly? P.S.: Those who are curious can check out my bot on my website:
@girienmorfindel @cristobalvillari @pakonekone @fernandoguirao @dkornyukhov Thanks for your kind words! File upload is indeed some many users have been asking us to do for a while. Right now the file is saved within the DB of Landbot, you have different options to manage them: -You can export the data as CSV file -You can send the data to Zapier using the URL file Here is some detail explanation about our Zapier integration

It is a powerfull tool to nurture leads and filter customer support into a conversational environment. The new version has improve the custom templates to configure bots according to the target


Very easy to integrate, create and launch chatbots


There is not a direct way to connect contacts with other CRMs, but you can solve it via Zapier

It's powerful. It would be useful if you could become an Embedly provider:
@insert_nick Thanks for the comment! We did some research with Embedly, it seems due to how landbot work with our DB structure we are not very compatible with Embedly. But we are working on native integrations that can ease the difficult to use landbot on other platforms. What use case do you have in mind with Embedly?
@jiaqip I can see a good use inside the tags in digital interactive tours of physical spaces. The tags can show content that works with Embedly, without leaving the digital tour.
@insert_nick wow that sounds really interesting. You can already do that with our callback integration, so you can get dynamic information from your DB and display it through landbot to your user. Here you can find more info about it Is this what you have in mind?
@jiaqip Mmh no, I mean e.g. into a Matterport space (digital interactive tour of a real place), you can have tags (little circles) that hovered or clicked can serve - without leaving the digital tour of the space - a content inside a balloon IF it is correctly fetched, and to be correctly fetched it has to be natively supported by Matterport OR be an Embedly provider. Hope it's clear. If you happen to become an Embedly provider, you can then contact me at to make the final small tweaks for the best experience into a Matterport space.
@libero @insert_nick Oh now I see what you were referring to. In this case with landbot even if we are not Embedly provider I think you can embed landbot easily into Matterport. In our case, we generate an html snippet that can be embedded on any web. If you are interested we can do a quick test to see if Landbot is compatible with Matterport :)