is a simple tool to build conversational landing pages and improve lead conversion rate. .

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Thanks a lot @chrismessina for endorsing us! Hope we’ll be able to earn such trust! Greetings, product hunters! We’re really thrilled to be in your presence today! Jiaqi here, Co-founder at Landbot, a new and exciting tool that will allow you to turn any landing page into a conversational experience. We all know that landing pages are of the essence when it comes to introduce and promote new products or services, as well as to generate leads in the earliest stages of the conversion funnel. But we’re also well aware that it’s become increasingly difficult to stand out amongst the myriads of similar landings, and that their conversion rate is usually not as remarkable as expected. Our solution to this?: Chatbotize them! We’re releasing today our first MVP version of Landbot: we’ll work really hard to add new features and integrations in the near future, so we would immensely appreciate your feedback and comments. Bearing this in mind, here’s some of the things you can achieve with Landbot right now: - Boost user engagement, and improve your conversion rate. Don’t make your visitors browse your landing page on their own: turn their discovering you into a fun and engaging experience by talking to them instead. They’ll be far more willing to comply with any call-to-action afterwards! - Create your own chatbot in a breeze. Landbot’s easy-to-use building tools enable you to create your own bot from scratch through an intuitive, visual interface. No coding required! Gosh, we’ve even implemented a chatbot to help you build them, so piece of cake! - 100% customizable aesthetics. Make them cool, stylish and fully in line with your brand image: choose the fonts and colors more akin to it, add background images, gifs or videos with ease, upload icons of your own or pick those of your liking out of the available ones… It will be your chatbot, after all, so you should be able to build it just as you feel like! Intrigued? Make us all happy, then, and give Landbot a try! And don’t hesitate to share your feelings and feedback with us on this very thread! Thanks for your attention!
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Really cool idea, but I would wait for a more polished experience in terms of UI as current release seems a bit choppy
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@alexstrafalogea really appreciate your feedback and we totally agree with you! As Reid Hoffman once said: "If You're Not Embarrassed By The First Version Of Your Product, You’ve Launched Too Late" In our case, we’re very aware of those weird things regarding UI and are working hard to get rid of them; It would be really great if you could tell us which Browser/OS are you using to talk to Landbot? Thanks!! 🙂
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@jiaqip it is choppy for me on iOS. I would recommend animating the chat bubbles into screen. Edit: actually i think it has to do with the scrolling when a new bubble is added. It just jumps up instead of an ease in.
@eliteeth4n thanks for the feedback, I will tell my team to look at it!
@alexstrafalogea @jiaqip Chrome / Mack OS 10.12.5
@alexstrafalogea we have just launched a completely updated version of Landbot on PH. Would love to hear your thoughts about it!
What an amazing idea! I'll for sure use this to capture leads.
@cohnen Thanks for the support! That's in fact what Landbot was built for 😀
Congrats guys! Love the design and how easy is to get started. Would recommend customer support teams try it out :)
@monicazng Thanks Monica! Use cases are broad but yes, both Providing Support and Capturing Leads really do fit with this approach :)
@mrexplainer Thank for the support! 😊 Let us know if you need anything!
@cristobalvillar I will do! I want to try and get one set up today! Will post it when its live!
@mrexplainer we have just launched a completely updated version of Landbot on PH. Would love to hear your thoughts about it!
@jiaqip Cool will check it out!