Landbot is the no-coding, fully customizable chatbot that lives on your website and talks to your visitors. 💬😻

Today we’re announcing ‘Bricks’, its latest version. Combine blocks to create powerful bricks like Lego that can do almost anything you want 🤓

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Hi, Product Hunters! Jiaqi here, co-founder of Landbot. For almost two years already, Landbot has been a conversation that lives on your website. It talks to your visitors, generates engagement and converts quite great. You could create one in minutes with zero coding, fully customize its design and embed it anywhere on your website to significantly improve your lead conversion rate. 😻 Today I’m super-excited to announce its latest iteration: Bricks. It used to be all about blocks connected by arrows. We’ve been hearing your feedback for months and decided to work on a whole new concept. One that allows you to create bots more easily, but that also puts more power in the hands of the makers. Our vision is to make building chatbot like Lego, that’s why we made it possible to group blocks to create bricks for everything you can imaging: creative flows, integrations with third party systems, customize the design, etc. Once built a Brick you can even share it with the world in our Bricks Store (coming soon). Apart from bricks we completely redesigned the builder and added very interesting features (number/date formats, code blocks, button re-arrangement, and much much more). We took many feedbacks and feature requests from our community and deliver it with Bricks. We believe that adding this ‘community’ component is what’s going to make the difference here. 🌍 While ‘Bricks’ is the result of months of work, it’s still a work in progress. Today we’re announcing a closed beta version, so access will be limited by invitation only. We will slowly activate Bricks to all users in the coming weeks. For now, only some of the most engaged Landbot customers have access to Bricks and if you are one of the early testers we would love to hear your feedback 😘. For the rest of users in case you are interested Bricks you can sign up an account and apply for the beta access. Our customer team will review each application carefully. We are doing this to ensure the best experience for all users and with your help, we will iterate Bricks to bring the best chatbot builder to the market! Thanks, Jiaqi
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Congrats Landbot! 🚀 Bricks' builder and its features look awesome and it will certainly add tones of value to those who decide to be part of it! 🙀
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Great support team !


Absolutely delightful UI


Zooming in and out can take getting used to, but is part of the experience :)

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It actually does feel like LEGO!
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@netali_j Hi Netali! Long time no see you 😄 Thanks for supporting us!
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love it 👌👌😍
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@mxmolins Thanks!
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