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#4 Product of the WeekNovember 21, 2017

Landbot is a tool to create conversational websites visitors love. Engage and boost conversion with human conversations, at scale.

💬 Conversational Interface instead of NLP to match user expectations

🎨 +20 visual elements to customize, all-new code-free bot builder

🔌 Use it as a full page, a banner or a widget!

👉 Go and create your own

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  • John
    JohnPixel Lover & Product Designer

    UI looks cool


    See below

    My experience so far

    Sign up & onboarding

    - A sign up form would have been fine. I know it's trying to showcase the bot, but a form is much more efficient and in this case the UX was hindered.

    - Had to cycle through several usernames that were already taken. Don't seem to be used for a subdomain. Unclear why unique username required?

    - No way to relaunch the "onboarding wizard"

    Will update when I've worked with the actual product.

    John has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Very easy to use. The new UI is even nicer. I had a bot up and running within 30 mins of signing up. Responsive team.


    I'd like to see some more integrations, but that's only a matter of time.

    This is not what it was designed for, but I'm even using Landbot to mock up the flow for non web-based chatbots. It's so easy to throw on a page and walk through with clients.

    Yamini Kagal has used this product for one month.


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Jiaqi Pan
Jiaqi PanMaker@jiaqip · CEO at
Hello hunters 👋 This is Jiaqi CEO & Co-founder of Our last launch was four months ago when we first introduced Landbot to the public. We never thought all the attention and interest we would get with the very first version of the product. It caught us by surprise, we felt fortunate but at the same time worried about the state of Landbot at that moment. Then our worst worries became true; many hunters told us that the idea was cool but the product was choppy and we undercooked the execution. Once we realized our big mistake, the team immediately took action: we change the product to beta and put a waitlist to avoid burning new users. Meanwhile, the dev team started to rebuild the whole platform from scratch. We took incredible feedbacks from users who despite the bad UX of our platform was bearing with us and helped us to find all potential usability issues. Today, after hundreds of cups of coffees and sleepless nights working on the new version of the platform, I am very proud to present you: Landbot 1.0 We intentionally call it 1.0, because for us this will be the actual starting point to bring value to our users by helping them to build great conversational experiences. We can group most critical changes mainly into three groups: -Frictionless experience for final users: New landbot interface and animations. Returning visitor recognition. Improved navigability with Menu button. -Easy bot building process: Template system Optimized chatbot builder. Real-time design editor. Multiple embedding formats. -Effortless lead managing tools: API Integrations Notifications system Human take over New Analyze section Finally, I'd like to thank our existing users for their support and feedbacks. I can't stress enough to say that Landbot 1.0 is only the start, so I would immensely appreciate the PH community to give us another chance. Help us to humanize websites by turning it into beautiful conversational experiences. We are eager to hear all your feedback about the new version!
Ernesto Cohnen
Ernesto Cohnen@cohnen · Co-Founder,
Congrats for version 1.0! This is really a must for every product marketer out there :)
Jiaqi Pan
Jiaqi PanMaker@jiaqip · CEO at
@cohnen Thanks man! We have worked really hard to fix all the issues we had in the previous version.
Frank@fran007 · IT Engineer
Nice job here, guys, just created an account, can’t wait to see how this really affects lead generation. Which other use cases are the most common for these conversational webs?
Jiaqi Pan
Jiaqi PanMaker@jiaqip · CEO at
@fran007 really appreciate the comment! The best use case we have seen so far is without doubt lead generation. On the other hand, many users have found landbot useful for product onboarding and customer surveys. We are still in early days, so would love to see how people can use Landbot in creative ways :)
Roberta Lo Porto
Roberta Lo Porto@rokitana · Designer, Women Techmakers Lead Valencia
Upvoted straight away! 3 months ago this was a great idea, now it’s been taken to the next level and looks way more friendly and polished, good job team! 👏
Emmanuel Darmon
Emmanuel Darmon@emmanueldarmon · Product Manager & UX/UI Designer
💬 🤖 Do you think this product is absolutely awesome ? 💬 😊 YES
Jiaqi Pan
Jiaqi PanMaker@jiaqip · CEO at
@emmanueldarmon 💬 🤖 Is this the best comment on PH ever? 💬 🤗 Absolutely yes!