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Lamina helps you integrate Deep Learning models like Sentiment Analysis and Entity Extraction into your products with a simple API call. Relieving you of getting data, creating a model and training them which would be compute-intensive.

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πŸ‘‹ Hey ProductHunt! I've been working on Lamina for the past couple of months and so excited to finally launch it on PH! πŸ’‘ I came up with the idea of a Deep Learning as a Service product when I needed a sentiment analysis api for a project and thought of creating such an on-demand api myself. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Finding out other alternatives to be very expensive I started working on Lamina to provide Entity Extraction and Sentiment Analysis (as of now, more coming soon) as an API easily available and more affordable than ever. Feel free to ask any questions below πŸ˜‡
@ychummar Nice to see you see build a product at such a young age. Can you tell a business use-case of this product? That might speak directly to your Target Audience, perhaps? I think it should help others understand the benefits a bit more. Wishing you the best!
@aslamabbas Thanks for question! Sentiment Analysis can be used by enterprises to analyse the reviews or feedback from users and can fasten the response process, it can be used to avoid negative content on platforms etc. Entity Extraction can be used to extract info like names, locations etc from a long text and can help in understand a text better. And can be used for recommendation systems and in customer support by easily getting entities from the customer query These are a few of many use cases of how Lamina could speed up the whole workflow πŸ˜„
@ychummar nice work! How does this compare with something like
This looks cool, but seeing as there is no free trial it might be worth while to highlight some examples on your home page. Ie some text input and the api output
@joshuajomiller Sure! Will get that done soon! Thanks for the feedback. πŸ˜„
Very good idea, is there option to increase the entities?
@hanumesh_rajalbandi Thanks! As of now we're only having all the entity categories listed in the documentation page.

Looks like using this , we can build lot of algorithms to know the interaction of users and provide rewards. Very well thought.


calculating sentiments. Well thought and it may help to get the user feedback and auto rating.


Makers may provide some use cases including sample cases or provide demo keys to know the real time response.

Ehm, not to be rude or anything, but the only selling point I could see for your service is the price. So I did a quick check and compared your prices to AWS Comprehend prices. They charge 0.0001 per call for up to 10M calls (20x the maximum amount you offer), then it gets even cheaper. To give an idea : Call QTY | 100 000 | 250 000 | 500 000 ------------------------------------------- $ lamina | 0,00019 | 0,000156 | 0,000138 $ aws | 0,0001 | 0,0001 | 0,0001 aws/lam | 52% | 64% | 72% This also made me realise that you could pretty much proxy all your calls directly to AWS and still make a penny 🀭 As for the quality of the output, to be honest Amazon will probably be better overall, as their "basic" tier covers up to 10M calls, I think they get decent training data... But I'm maybe missing something, please tell me if so!
@jukefr Hey There! I understand your concern To brief it to you, Lamina offers Sentiment Analysis and Entity Extraction at $0.0002 per request but AWS offers both at $0.0001 per 100 characters or units as they call it, which basically means it costs $0.0001 per 100 characters analysed while we allow text with any number of characters. AWS can turn costly depending upon the use case. We have accuracy that has outperformed AWS models while we tested it, but more importantly all data transferred through our API is given high priority and is not stored or disclosed anywhere. Hope this answers your query!