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Fiance is going to love this. Currently she's using The Knot and all I hear is complaints
@zaccoffman We tried a couple of different apps for wedding planning in Sacramento and finally just made our own. All of the major sites and apps kept suggesting San Francisco venues for Sacramento. I was sorta surprised about how spammy they made the LadyMarry site title tags.
@zaccoffman Hi Zac, congrats! Some of us were wedding planners before, and we used theknot to communicate with clients. It is more like a printable paper that is not customized, no how-tos and we need to keep all messy notes with a physical binder. We want to reorganize these information with technology and let couples be happily "marry-ing". Enjoy the Valentine's Day!
@zaccoffman @golocalapps Thanks a lot for your suggestions, and we are looking into the tags. Happy Valentine!
Hi everyone, Happy Valentine's Day! Really appreciate the support and feedback, and thanks @Riaface to post us! Our focus is on helping people enjoy their wedding from the very beginning of the planning. In essence, LadyMarry does this by giving you a visual and customizable checklist with detailed how-tos step by step, also with a handy note management system. LadyMarry is still an early-staged product. We are working hard to improve it everyday. Any advice would be super appreciated!
Quite a comprehensive model for wedding plan. Just curious about the name, why is it LadyMarry when the world is promoting gender-equality? :) Can the makers join here?
@vingar Hi Vinish, thanks a lot! it is because a TV drama, Downton Abbey. We were impressed by how a woman (she is called Lady Mary), changes from saying "Women like me don't have a life." to become stressless and hopeful. We want to build a great product to save "bridezillas" and help brides and grooms have a wonderful wedding.
@joannejrr Got it! The story always helps. :)
I thought the Notes in each task is common. However, after I realized all of them are collected in ‘Wedding Binder’, I think it is convenient to share them with my family and vendors.
Thanks @sophiahanc. We really love the Notes feature and the next version is coming soon!