LabWorm is a platform that allows researchers to find the best online tools for their research

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Thanks @benlang for the hunt! Hello Product Hunt! I’m Alon, one of the makers of LabWorm. We’re really excited to be featured on Product Hunt. We love this platform 😍, so much so in fact that we translated it to science, i.e LabWorm, a Product Hunt for science. Life science research is going digital and booming with online tools that are critical for research. However it’s hard to find the best and newest tools due to redundancy and fear of choosing a tool with a faulty algorithm that could lead to wasting 2 years (actually happened!! 😫 ), as well as finding support for these really hard to use tools. To solve these problems we would normally consult our friends, which is why we thought that crowdsourcing was the way to go, especially in order to try and change the competitive and isolated nature of research. We hope making powerful tools accessible to all researchers helps accelerate scientific research and that you (or your researcher friends) will enjoy and take part in our community! Ask me anything 😋
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You: The Product Hunt for Science Me:
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@nivo0o0 LOL, you totally rock the scientist look I gotta say ;)
@nivo0o0 Optimal scientification level achieved!
Nice concept. They have some unique UX touches that hopefully others could pick up on ;) Showed this to my science geek friends and they were Wowed, said it was really useful. Great job guys!
@ella_dotan Thanks for the great feedback!
Awesome project!
Looks great! Loving the Algolia search experience!
@liamboogar Thanks! Learned from the best to use only the best ;)