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Laazy is a web-based tool that allows you to build a pipeline of actions to edit your images. Laazy is flexible enough 🤸‍♀ for your custom jobs, powerful enough 💪 for large image batches, and intuitive 🤓enough for non-techies. It’s for those jobs when Photoshop is overkill, but Paint won’t cut it.
  • Pros: 

    Saves me time and my client's time in manipulating images for multiple online platforms such as my blog, website and social media


    Easy video guide to step through how to use it.

    This product is helping people become more self-sustainable with their imagery when needing to post online, whether it's an ecommerce site, or a simple blog, or website... you can setup your specifications ONCE to what sort of sizing or specs you need and just drop the images in and .... wa la... consistency, and a time saving tool.

    Mia-Carla Barnett has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Quick and easy to set up repeatable image pipelines. I use it to batch large image resizing jobs for uploading to our app.


    Looking forward to more features. Lots of great ones have rolled out since I started using it.

    The best thing about using Laazy in my organisation is that we can set up approved pipelines that allow our non graphic savvy people to process images that meet our specs every time.

    Vidi Chandra has used this product for one month.
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Josh Bondy
Josh BondyMaker@joshbondy · Founder,
Hello, world. We’re Laazy. Not the sleepy Sunday morning kind of lazy. An intentional, professional, time-saving laazy. Our team is an group of remote working misfits who identified a problem without a solution and decided to create it ourselves. We have a lot of big ideas and a healthy pipeline of features in the works. But we'd love to hear what you think. We’re just getting started and we’re so glad to meet you.
Udhara de Silva
Udhara de Silva@udhara_de_silva
@joshbondy 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Sofia Margarita
Sofia Margarita@sofia_margarita · Hi!
This is amazing! Great idea.
Josh Bondy
Josh BondyMaker@joshbondy · Founder,
@sofia_margarita Thanks Sofia! 🙌
Aashima Kapoor
Aashima KapoorMaker@ak2637 · Jane of all trades for
@sofia_margarita Thank you!
André Ward
André Ward@andre_ward
Excited to try this!
Josh Bondy
Josh BondyMaker@joshbondy · Founder,
@andre_ward Probably not as excited as we are to hear that (and any feedback you might have) - we have put a lot of work into this 😆
Aashima Kapoor
Aashima KapoorMaker@ak2637 · Jane of all trades for
@andre_ward Thank you! Let us know if you have any feedback.
Megan Poppi
Megan Poppi@megan_poppi · 31yof who loves to travel
Great product! Looks easy to use which is great for non tech savvy people like me!
Chad Barraford
Chad Barraford@cbarraford
fast, easy image processing