La Belle Assiette

Book a professional chef to entertain your guests at home

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Thank you so much for the post Mathilde :) Hi hunters! I’m Stephen Leguillon, co-founder and CEO of La Belle Assiette. La Belle Assiette (“The Beautiful Plate” in English) makes entertaining at home super easy : you browse through 2500+ delicious menus on our website and book just 24hrs in advance. Our chefs will buy the ingredients, cook in your kitchen, take care of the service (like in a restaurant) and clean up before leaving. La Belle Assiette is 2 years old. We work with 580+ chefs in 6 european countries. We were recently featured by TIME Magazine here, if you want to learn a bit more about us : I’ll be happy to talk right here about our service, our website, and to answer your questions. I'd like your advice on one question : would you be interested by our service in your city? Would it be relevant to launch our services there? If yes, where are you? Merci beaucoup ! :) Stephen
@leguillons When are you planning to enter US?
@manikarthik That's a big question - do you think we should ? If so, where's best?
Let us know where you are located and if this would work in your city !
I'm based in Paris and have yet to try La Belle Assiette, shame on me! However, I've heard wonders about the service. As far as I know, the offering is very diverse, fitting virtually every wallets and tastes out there. There's definitely a big need for it over here: we love food, and we love when people cook for us :)
@thibautdavoult Merci Thibault! I'm glad you appreciate the different levels of services we created to better organise the offer. And as I see you're a growth-lover, you might want to check out our brand new referral system too and tell us what you think about it ;-)
@thibautdavoult thanks ! and yes, shame on you ! :-)
Great concept!
We've been using La Belle Assiette in our coworking space in Paris for our monthly communal lunch for the past few months. Each time discovering a new Chef. I'd definitely recommend the service for groups as well. It's perfect when you don't want to get all your team to a restaurant without having to order for delivery neither.
@macsym That is awesome, thanks Maxime! We should definitely push the team lunches more then ! :)
Looks great! what is the difference with US iniciatives such as kitchit or kitchensurfing?
@enriquedubois thanks Enrique! Apart from the bunch of french foodies around me in the office :) and geographical focus, I think the answer changes every month as we all three work a lot on our products!