See what your friends are listening to on SoundCloud

A Chrome extension that lets you see what your favorite artists and friends are listening to on SoundCloud

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There's already Overcast, the (most?) popular podcasts app - why not pick a different name?
@iota Hey Jason, That's a great point, we figured we weren't closely enough related that we could use the name. I could see us changing the name if it were to start causing troubles though!
@iota @nikodraca Seems too confusing to me, especially given that there are some social components within Marco's Overcast app already.
@iota @nikodraca @damenleeturks I came here to see what soundcloud extension, overcast the podcasting app released - so it definitely confused me unfortunately
SoundCloud's future aside, I'm a huge fan of these truly "social" products. Showgoers, Lisn, ParallelPlus, SoundBounce, Jukebox are other great examples of services that let you watch or listen with friends. These products are evolving today's anti-social media consumption habits into more connective, intimate sharing practices, which I think is something incredibly valuable.
@kleinkleinklein Hi Matt! Thanks for the kind words, I agree 100%. It's a shame that there aren't more "social" features on large streaming platforms. Sharing music has historically been a social activity so it's surprising to see that big streaming platforms don't put more emphasis on this aspect of their platform.
Awesome idea. cc @colemercer As a SoundCloud and turntable.fm fan, eager to try this out.
@colemercer @rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Glad you like it.
Nice logo / branding concept!
UPDATE: A few of you brought up the fact that the name was the same as the podcast app Overcast. We definitely should have spent more time looking into it, Marco reached out and asked us to change the name of our product, which we are currently doing. Thanks for the support!
@nikodraca Good on you guys. Looking forward to hearing what you come up with!
@damenleeturks Thank you Kurt!