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Thanks a lot for hunting our Analytics, Eric! ❤️ Hi, guys! I'm Alexandra, a co-founder of a social media management app KUKU.io. We've created our social media analytics as analyzing our activities on social media we always wanted to see not only core metrics but dependencies between them. We wanted to see what we can do to improve results of our social media marketing. So that's what we've done! In our BEAUTIFUL Social Media Analytics you can: * See how the content you post engages your audience and what impact it has on follower growth. * Track results in 7, 21, 30 and 90-day summary (followers, ER, likes, shares, comments) with change over previous periods. * Know how the posting time and frequency of your posts affect an engagement rate and an increase or decrease in followers. * Explore clicks on links and total engagement you get from different social media networks and countries. Soon we're going to launch our own link shortener in KUKU.io to be able to add to Analytics more information about clicks you get from social media. We love you all, and would really appreciate your feedback! 😉 P.S. Come join us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kukupost
@alexstrvinsky cool product guys, nice ux :), and congrats on finding space in a very competitive market :)
@rickats Thanks a lot, Rick! Hope KUKU.io will be even better soon, we're going to add a lot of really cool features to it :)
@alexstrvinsky I use kuku, I love kuku and wish you guys good luck and great success!
This is such a competitive space... what are your big differentiators? I used to work for @sprinklr and they had such a comprehensive dashboard that you could customise pretty much everything! It did cost your weight in gold to be able to use it so only big companies do. I then went to a law firm to set up their social monitoring and tried all the competitors under the sun but could never find exactly what I wanted. Something in this space that could be tweaked a lot would be amazing and if someone could compete on metrics with sprinklr at affordable rates for individuals and SMBs, they would kill it
@bentossell Thank you for your great comment, Ben! We're going to allow our users to create their own reports and build their own charts as we understand each company has its own aims on social media. Also, we're now working on a team plan of KUKU.io with a comprehensive and intuitive at the same time dashboard. :) I hope it sounds good! If you don't mind, I will let you know once these features are available so that you could check them out and give us your feedback on how they could be improved to meet your needs.
@alexstrvinsky @bentossell I'm going to say price too. I know it's never smart to differentiate on price, but at the price you're charging I can afford to a separate account for each of my brands. It's Friday night, so will check this out on the weekend!
@rossdcurrie Thank you for your comment, Ross! Please feel free to send me your feedback at alexandra@kuku.io
@alexstrvinsky Looks a lot like www.quintly.com...but just that I believe some networks are missing and its not as customizable as quintly.
Nice to see KUKU here! using it and its awesome!
@bydesp yay! that's great! :)
I am using kuku.io since last 5-6 months . I have also used its analytic during the initial trial offer and it's really amazing. Kuku has also given the lifetime unlimited account and post access to first 15000 users and I am one of them. So thank you @alexstrvinsky :)
@niteshmanav thank you so much for your support, Nitesh! Happy to hear you enjoy using our kuku! :)
@alexstrvinsky @niteshmanav Exploring. Just logged into it. Wanting to see some screenshots on what I can expect :-) Sounds interesting.
Seems to be a great product. Great design 😎