Spread your message through social-backed campaigns.

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Excited to share Kudzu.co with the Product Hunt community! The idea behind Kudzu.co is for users to create campaigns that are socially-backed to spread their message Kickstarter style but with social reach by agreeing to share a message instead of financial backing. I have some specific ideas for use cases here in the near future but wanted to allow Product Hunters to spread product messages, launches, artists, non-profits, event organizers, organizations, and others for now to be able to create messages that will be spread across social channels through supporters backing. Those of you who are also from the south might also think the name is clever ;)
@yoroomie Love it ! How does it compare to Thunderclap in your view ?
@karimatiyeh thanks! There are similarities with the mechanism of a social-backed message being spread but we want to be aligned more with creatives and early-stage messages. Working on a very customized interface right now that will allows for users to have a more curated and tailored message.
And the site is down, "Error establishing a database connection"
@rrhoover this could get interesting if we used the Product Hunt API to allow users to create social-backed campaigns for Product Hunt launches. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
Error establishing a database connection
@sijdesign @bogomep @jonnotie just fixed and back online! Thanks for the catch.