Elegant timesheets and seamless invoicing

Kudoo provides intuitive timesheets and elegant invoices to help small to medium businesses improve their cash flow.

Beautiful dashboards give you an overview of your business, while our project features allow advance payment and billing scenarios.

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Hey @jtrollip, Can you tell us more about why you built this app and what was your inspiration for doing so?
Hey @jacqvon, I wanted to build a finance app that could automate the mundane, trivial activities that lots of business have to go through. I looked at some of the advanced solutions but they were all built on ageing technologies. I then looked at the new breed of competitors but none of them were really pushing the envelope of what is possible. So I thought I'd build the financial product I always wished I could use.
Australia only(!)
@thomas_stockx Hey Thomas, yeah we're tracking on well with the international release and it will be deployed this Monday!
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@thomas_stockx Hey Thomas, you can now use Kudoo anywhere in the world. We are still implementing global sales tax, so for now the VAT for Belgium will need to entered manually if you are registered. However in a few weeks, we will automatically calculate it for our users.