An online only bank in Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬

Kuda is designed for your smartphone, free of ridiculous charges and great at helping you budget, spend smartly and save more.
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This is great to see! The banking experience in Nigeria is painful and this would seriously resonate with millennials! Do you also offer a savings account with interest options?
Love the rise of online banking, making banking infinitely more accessible. When I moved to the U.K an online bank literally saved me financially as it was near impossible for me to get a bank account without 6 months worth of utilities bills etc
@aaronoleary Thanks, Aaron! Communications Manager at Kuda here. Happy to take questions and anything else. :)
@oreoluwa_fakorede Great product you have here. Apart from being brilliantly designed and functionally awesome it also serves a greater purpose, it really can impact people's lives in a hugely positive way. Banking is often under-looked in terms of tech importance when we hear of self driving cars, AR etc. Making banking accessible needs more fan fare
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Great product!