Listen to music and charge your iPhone 7

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@amyers Really odd that there is no way to purchase this or even mention of a price anywhere on their site. I did find this link to purchase it from a 3rd-party: https://geecr.com/product/kuner-...
Probably the #1 complaint about the new iPhone, for people like me with old fashioned wired headphones. 😊
@rrhoover agree, but this and the Belkin one still require using the little adapter dongle from Apple. What I really want is a lightning from phone to lightning and 3.5mm audio. Not sure why that hasn't been possible.
@dandancrisan @fzf the Belkin one is identical to this hunt. I'm dubious as to why no legit/well known brands have offered one.
@ryanstenson I have the one I shared and it has worked perfectly, I don't know why bigger brands have not made these either
Please correct me if I am wrong, but it seems the big difference with this dongle than the troves of them on Amazon is that this one still allows you to control the call/volume with the earpiece controls. It seems many on Amazon are forced to disable these controls for some reason.
Why should I choose Kucable instead of Auxillite?
Having tried many of these products, I can only confirm that the Belkin one works with the microphone input through the headphones, the rest simply lack the chips/technology to handle audio input and only allow output mode. So you might want to be careful about this as well :D