Seinfield-inspired app to make videos about nothing

@samlassman have any of the seinfeld characters seen this yet?! how can they not invest.
@eriktorenberg this grew from a love of Seinfeld. Initially we knocked up some Seinfeld inspired funk music and threw on random laugh tracks so anything you filmed turned into a Seinfeld vid - we've updated it a little so that the laughter responds to noise - a door slamming, someone talking and so on....
@samlassman I feel like I owe you a beer for making this. So great.
HAHA! This is fun. Simply record a video with a laugh track and Seinfeld funk music in the background.
@rrhoover The music was recorded by @prestonwpope so we didn't end up in any weird Seinfeld inspired law suit
Thought this seemed like it was going to be dumb at first. It's not. It's amazing.
@KristoferTM that's kinda how i felt when I first watched Seinfeld too