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Hello Product Freaks! We are Kraken.io - a bootstrapped startup based in Berlin/Germany. We optimize your images and accelerate your websites. That leads to much better PageSpeed ranks, lower bounce rates, increased customer engagement and great savings on bandwidth and storage costs. Please share your suggestions and feature requests here!
@matylla Hello guys. I just tested Kraken and I must say it is incredible. I'm zooming like crazy on an image I created and your version is (almost) exactly the same as mine except that it's 49.58 % lighter. Like wow. I'm really impressed. Would you mind telling us since when you've been working on Kraken and what are your plans for the next few months? (Edit to say that your name is not as fun as "Pied Piper" but at least you can make jokes about releasing the kraken)
@syswarren Thank you for the feedback! For the next months: New ridiculously powerful infrastructure, an official Magento module, a full-blown affiliate system, an Android app (we're still not sure about iOS, possible iDevice app too). Those are the "bigger" plans on our roadmap, which also includes the usual iterative improvements to our current service offering. Edit: Kraken has been worked on since 2010.
I really love this tool and use it quite often, can't recommend it enough. Replaced PunyPNG for me.
Will use that a lot :) Good luck
This is a game changer service!