Watches with wooden dial

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Halloween is over, Christmas is almost there and my dad wants a watch so I'm looking for watches. He wants a normal (aka dumb or non-digital) watch. This could perfect, it has a wooden dial and Swiss movement technology. It won't send you notification, will never let you know how bad you sleep was last night and won't remind you that you're 46% from your daily-goal. Also, it looks nice.
Omg I never knew I needed one til now. Looks so simplistic but classy at the same time. Love it and definitely will be getting one for me and all my friends :)
@cszhu I'm so glad, you like our timepieces! Which one is your favorite? Let me know if I can give you more details!
@syswarren Thank you for the hunt! I'm sure your dad will be glad to receive this exceptional timepiece for Christmas!