All in one call center software for SMB's.Zero agent rental.

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Hi @kwdinc, thanks for hunting Kookoo. Just to give a brief intro, We believe that setting up a communication infra for a business should be as easy as setting up a website. Just click and get started. But its not. You have to follow up with telcos, chat providers, CRM providers etc. So we came out with Kookoo. Setup a cloud call center in 2 mins :) And it comes with all bells and whistles(Chat,IVR,Unlimited agents, Call recording etc). And as a special product hunt launch, its just $19.9. Unlimited agents. And we include 1000 minutes of call time free. Basically, we want to see if we can do a Twilio for call centers. No agent rental. Pay for only the call minutes. Regarding background, we already have a couple of cloud telephony products and have handled more than 2 Billion calls so far on our platform. Currently 30,000 call center agents use our product.
Just to be clear, this product is mainly for serving US businesses. You will get a US phone number once you sign up. For other international startups, we have http://cloudagent.io. But that is not a DIY. You will have to mail us. Sorry!
Congratulations on the US launch. I have used it in India, its been a great tool.
Happy to take any questions
Very nice , Easy to use and amazing value for money .
Are your IVR voice "personalities" text to speech or real human voices?
@tombielecki currently they are text to speech.
@nutanc @tombielecki can you record your own?
@mimi_wong @tombielecki yes. Absolutely. You can record your own.