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Hi everyone! I'm Sondre, the COO of Konsus. We provide On-Demand Freelancers right in your Slack channel! Companies simply send us a direct message in their existing Slack account and then a project manager responds instantly, ready to help! We accept only the top 1% of freelancers, providing your company with a high quality, fully managed workforce, able to complete over 10 of the most common business tasks, saving our clients time for work that matters.
@srasch Sounds cool! How long it took to develop this bot and what were the major obstacles?
@flighthack Hi Vladislav, thanks for your comment! The Konsus Bot took about two weeks of development and about one additional week to refine its function. Our biggest obstacle was syncing the Slack Bot with our back-end software while still allowing our project managers to respond to a chat instantly. If you have any more questions I'd love to speak further!
@srasch neat, which are the 10 tasks provided?
I really know how this thing is working, on each of your project you will have Project Manager and Freelancer, their quality is much more than 19 or even 29 USD per hour, it is really bargain!
There's not a lot of information on the site. Freelance designers? Freelance developers? Marketers?
@bradenhamm Any kind of freelancer that businesses need, we can typically provide. Right now we don’t offer advanced development projects, but hope to in the future. For examples of past client projects and some of our most popular services, visit www.konsus.com and click “customer stories”
@srasch darn, looking for Apple TV developer.
@srasch Also, really like the simplicity of being able to ask right in Slack. Great idea.
Learned about product on SSG. Reminds me of Gigster.
@charlesjo Thanks for the comment. Yes, Gigster is a great service that also provides a fixed price for work. They focuses on development, while we offer more day-to-day office tasks. Also, with Konsus, project managers work directly with clients for each task to provide instant customer service and quality control.
@srasch Gagster is on-demand elite jokes, correct?
@charlesjo haha i made a typo, but yea i guess it might be now ;)
@srasch iPhone autocorrects Gigster to Gagster for me too. Hehehe.
This is exactly like Speedlancer.