Develop and deploy web apps at a ludicrous speed

Coding and deploying web apps takes too long. Koji makes it much faster and easier. Start from a template, customize, collaborate, deploy with a click!
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Love seeing what my friend and former colleague @dmitry is up to now... always building crazy-ambitious creative platforms!
@dmitry @chrismessina I love this platform! I made SuperMakers.xyz with https://gokoji.com @dmitry @seanthielen is awesome guys! https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Thanks @chrismessina! There are a lot of pieces to Koji & everything is still very much in beta, but some of the ones we're most excited about are: 1. Start from templates: Dramatically reduce the time and level of technical knowledge necessary to build apps by starting from modern, standards-based templates. Templates save time and let you focus on building what matters! We'll be opening up submissions to the template marketplace very soon to let developers start selling their own templates. 2. No-code: Visual interfaces generated from JSON configuration files make it easy to customize templates without ever needing to see code (but the code is always there if the visual interface doesn't allow you to do what you want it to do -- the code and no code pieces of the editor work together, instead of the no code pieces trying to "replace" the code pieces. Some things are better to do visually (style guides, themes, strings, etc.) and some things will always be more intuitive in code!) 3. One-click deploy: All Koji apps can be deployed to production in a single click. Frontends are delivered statically and backends get packaged and deployed as a serverless API. You choose your own subdomain on withkoji.com, and optionally can add a custom domain name (we automatically take care of CDN, HTTPS, cache invalidations, etc). Later, we'll introduce the ability to submit your app as a hybrid web-app to the iOS and play store, as well as help you submit it for distribution to platforms like Facebook Instant Games. 4. Cloud-based IDE: The Koji IDE lives entirely in the cloud and doesn't require downloading/installing any software. This opens development/deployment to people who don't have access to personal computers, or have limited access to their own machines. Build and publish on a Chromebook in a classroom, a computer in an internet cafe, or a tablet, anywhere in the world! (Side note: your projects are portable. When you create a project, you get your own Git repo, so you're able to export at any time or use any other workflow if you choose -- later we'll be releasing a CLI. All projects being backed by Git also allows you to merge upstream changes from the source template, so if the template creator fixes bugs or adds new features, you can continue to keep your project up to date!) 5. Live collaboration: The Koji editor has been built from the beginning to support live, Google-docs style collaboration. You can create temporary collaboration links that let your friends, or people you meet in the Koji community, join your editor session to work with you. When someone joins your session, you're in the driver's seat; they can only see and edit the files you show them, so no need to worry about spilling private keys or personal information when you let someone in. Many people who are just starting to learn to code find themselves stuck and frustrated on simple things, and they haven't yet developed the vocabulary to effectively use tools like StackOverflow. So they spend hours debugging simple syntax errors, and sometimes give up on programming entirely. Live collaboration lets more experienced developers help junior devs and just-getting-started devs (who are, oftentimes, kids in classrooms, or socially disadvantaged people trying to learn a new skill) get unstuck and grow faster. We have a LONG roadmap, we're crazy excited about this thing, and we're just getting started :) - You can check out some of our long-term vision, and the WHY behind what we're doing, at https://gokoji.com/about - Join us on Discord at https://discord.gg/eQuMJF6 to share ideas, feedback and bugs as you play with the editor - Start building apps and templates (template submission coming very soon!) - If you're local to San Diego, come by one of our Koji Happy Hour events and meet some of the team (join Discord for more info) Myself, @dmitry, and some of our team are around to answer any questions you have! PS: We quietly opened our beta last week, and one of the first people to come in was @fajarsiddiq -- he built and shipped a game in under 30 minutes, then posted it on PH and made it to number 3 for the day! https://medium.com/madewithkoji/... Who is going to beat him? ;)
Really cool product, made a YouTube walkthrough of me using the site to launch my own game in less than 10 minutes with no code - https://youtu.be/9kfHoF3jFp8
Koji fills a need for developers to quickly get a game or app up and running and focus the team’s energy on tuning and perfecting a delightful core loop. Well done @seanthielen and @dmitry
Here to answer any questions you may have about Koji :)