Kodak Digitizing Box

Preserve your family's moments digitally

KODAK Digitizing Box is a mail-in digitization service for tapes, film, photos, and audio recordings. You pay $60 for a 3 piece box, stuff it with your analog stuff and ship it back to KODAK. After it is processed, you get the result on a USB stick, DVD, or via cloud.

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As mentioned in PetaPixel article, it might be a rebranding of Legacy Box which is still a good news — prices from KODAK are significantly lower.

I chose Kodak because it's a legacy brand, but actually the digitizer is this company Southtree, which was poorly reviewed in Wirecutter. They offered me a $7 refund for mistakes in my order, but that won't compensate for the time I need to spend figuring out what they missed.


easy to send in. clear instructions.


sloppy handling (they skipped files in my order)