Legacy Box

Digitally preserve your moments

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Chris Messina
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Lovely design. Who is this for though, and how are they reaching that customer?
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@chrismessina good question. I imagine boomers and seniors. They could also attract family members who manage estates. The copy could be also be more focused on what happens if you don't do this...memories lost forever :/
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Ross Currie
Founder, Brutal TearDowns
@jackzerby @chrismessina Actually, when I first saw this I thought this would be perfect for me. I'm 31 and was cleaning out my "tech cabinet" the other day, throwing out old cables and network cards, and At the back there's a stack of VHS-c and Mini-DV tapes. There were some great events recorded on these, that I'd love to share with friends and family on Youtube. Sure, there's nothing stopping me converting it myself, but to be honest, I have other things to do. Definitely value for boomers nad seniors though - I'm actually thinking that one of those boxes might make a good present for my mom for Christmas. I guess my main question would be - do I get the originals back?? My mom would never go for it if she didn't get the originals back