Transparent updates and collaborative OKRs to help teams win

Koan is the simple, collaborative way to manage goals and OKRs across organizations. A SaaS-based platform, Koan empowers companies to strengthen strategic processes and continuously deliver on objectives.

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Hi PH 😻, Matt from the Koan team here! After a year of private beta with teams around the world, we’re incredibly excited to make Koan publicly available. We’ve seen in our careers that highly motivated and engaged teams can accomplish almost anything. And conversely, that toxic team cultures with bad managers are truly miserable to live through. Being an effective and healthy team starts with performing consistent positive behaviors: things like team retrospectives, 1:1 meetings, and clear goals. We built Koan to make it easy for all teams to follow the behaviors proven to work, and for it to actually be fun in the process. Much like the rest of the modern toolset (e.g. Slack), Koan is available for free for your team so that it’s easy to know if it’s valuable before you switch to a paid tier. I’d love to hear what you think and to answer your questions!
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@matttucker Congratulations on the public launch! We've been using the beta for long enough to become completely addicted to Koan. Koan check-ins (via Slack) are part of our team's daily routine, and Koan reflections are a big part of how we organize our weekly planning. Thanks for building such a great tool.
@kwindla thanks Kwin! As you may remember, we originally reached out to see if you guys would be interested in joining the Koan beta because we're huge fans of what you're doing at daily.co. We use the product every day!
We've been using Koan at our ten person startup for the last two months. It has proven incredibly helpful for improving clarity and getting a better sense of accomplishments. Time tends to fly by so having having a weekly check-in to reflect on your progress helps you get a much better sense of your actual progress towards your goals. Koan surfaces issues fast and helps us re-align and set realistic expectations much sooner than before. Would recommend to a friend :)

We've been using Koan at AskNicely for six months for the leadership team to track weekly progress against strategic priorities and now all our teams use it too.

We're big believers in fast feedback and the slack integration keeps everyone up to date but the real benefit is alignment, better strategy discussions and faster execution.

+1 on responsiveness of the Koan team. I love how this product is built by people that have successfully scaled startups and really understand the value/challenge of keeping teams focused.


Focus & alignment - keeps our whole team in sync across two countries


Looking forward to adding metrics

Love the Slack EOD integration! Well-designed, smart UI. Great support. This tool solves a pain point, is really well designed, and the support is excellent. Our distributed team has been using Koan for more than a year, and I'd highly recommend it. Building a product and a team, you deal with so much information. It's easy to lose sense of progress when you're heads down. There's so much in Slack, for example, it can be hard to keep track of the bigger picture. Koan provides smart daily and weekly heartbeats. I really like how it rolls over your daily and weekly progress. We used to post text updates in Slack on a daily and weekly basis. When writing a daily update, if I wanted to check what I had posted yesterday, I'd have to go click around and find the previous update. Koan smartly rolls that up, which is more efficient and insightful. It provides clarity and consistency. That consistency really helps build team culture. What's interesting is you can say things in Koan you might not be able to say elsewhere, or you express them differently. And the GIFs are awesome. Try this just so you can post your weekly update GIF 🤗 It's actually a neat example of how Koan builds team culture.
@ninacali4 thanks Nina! We've been so stoked to have the team at Daily.co using Koan, and your team always has such thoughtful and constructive feedback.

I've tried a lot of management "roll-up" and goals tools over the years, and have almost always just gone back to unstructured email/wiki/Slack after a quarter or two. But Koan is a tool our team has stuck with. It's helped us in lots of small ways and a few big ones. The Koan team keeps adding new features, and is very responsive to feedback.


Great workflows for team check-ins and weekly progress reflections.


Looking forward to more ways to organize/display aggregated team check-ins and reflections.