A free and friendly way to receive donations from fans ❤️☕

Ko-fi.com is the free and friendly way to receive donations from fans who love your work. If you make art, run a blog, write code or simply want to make some money from your side hustle, Ko-fi.com has already helped people just like you receive $2.2m in direct donations. Not into coffee? Not a problem, coffee is just a metaphor for the donation.

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This is nice! I have free stock photo site and this is what I'm looking for! Goals, comments, no fees & simplicity.
@viktorhanacek we look forward to welcoming you!
@simonellington DONE! https://www.ko-fi.com/picjumbo It looks people like it. Also shared some feedback via Google Forms ;) And it looks like the Top Supporters box doesn't work, it's just three latest supporters. Good luck!
@viktorhanacek Amazing! Thank you for the kind words. Glad you like it! And congratulations on receiving so many donations so quickly! We will read through your feedback. We are working on improving every aspect of it. Thanks again and welcome to Ko-fi! ☕❤️
This is a really great idea and a very useful tool to motivate creators to share and to users to help those creators they follow. The business model is very interesting as well.
@germancastano Thank you for your kind words, glad to have you as a fan!

This platform is the best way to make us work it's a support and motivation thank you


Loving ko-fi


Nothing right now

Very cool. Super curious what the business model is? How does Ko-fi make money? I know payment processing gets expensive.
@dbradleyfl thanks for your interest in Ko-fi. We don’t process the payments in ko-fi we simply pass the supporter to the creators PayPal account and they directly receive the funds. We have our own ko-fi page and both creators and supporters regularly donate to us for the service. I think they call it ‘eating your own dog food’ - either way we are super grateful for the donations we receive to support the service
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@simonellington wow! Very cool business model.
Totally free! That’s the real selling point here. Bye bye www.buymeacoffe.com
@erni www.BuyMeACoffee.com is 100% free for all early users :) We plan to charge 5% platform fee sometime down the road to support future development and growth of the platform, as is the case for any healthy business. However, no early users will be charged, ever. 🎉